"Provide ladies of high self-esteem with a community that fulfills every aspect of their interest and be a channel for expression of their tendencies, appeals & challenges in different aspects of their lives whereby they can positively influence their surrounding society at all levels.

The means via which such goals are achieved shall be through state of the art wellness and training facilities and supreme social and cultural activities and services provided by its personnel."

Concept description

Solaris, an exotic and breath taking women community that has been long sought for, is now opened in Egypt, few minutes away from the busy city of Cairo. With a wide variety of luxurious services and all-in-one wellness facility, we promise you a memorable experience that you will never have enough of. Each time we serve you with our Solaris touch, you will enjoy a sensation of pleasure, a long sought for relaxation and a laughter that is deep enough to heal your body and soul. It’s your journey for total wellness, self enjoyment, while pampering the lady in you.

Solaris isn’t just a wellness facility; it serves you even closer by setting up the first women community in Egypt, catering for all women needs, tendencies and inclinations, on both social and cultural contexts.

Solaris Community

Being an active member of the Egyptian community in addition to being a community of its own, Solaris is intended to be a very interactive environment wherein its members intermingle and communicate thus to create sub-Solaris societies that reflect different interests and inclinations. These sub-societies shall have active roles in different social activities like organizing a wide variety of courses and seminars of interest to the Egyptian ladies.

Private Parties: Haven’t been out with your girlfriends for a while? Never enjoyed a private outing except in one of their homes? Clubs and cafes are becoming too crowded to enjoy a girls’ gathering? Allow us to provide you with a new experience through Solaris private parties. We will make sure you spend the most fascinating time ever in a chill out environment where privacy and joy are a top priority. Our private parties include Brunch Parties and Henna nights.

Public events: Being an active contributor to the Egyptian community as a whole, Solaris will take an active role in hosting public events such as Fashion and talk shows. We will grant our attendees attractive scenery, luxurious facilities, delicious catering and warm hospitality. Be it a corporate or a public event, be it cozy or huge, be it relaxing or loud, we will make your wishes come true.