Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy is an ancient way of healing different symptoms of fatigue and disorders. This is done through the use of different essential oils cold-extracted from natural plants and herbs. These essential oils can be accommodated into the body through inhalation or through your skin.

Aroma Shower
Through 20 Jets comes out your choice of essential oil along with steam to be inhaled and heal Bronchitis, Sinusitis or Memory Loss or comes out with water that massages your body and opens up the pores of your skin to allow the essential oil penetrate your skin to soothe and relax your muscles and leave your skin with a lasting smell.

Aroma Massage
Aroma massage is a way to apply the essential oils to your skin and be absorbed by your body to get the desired effect. Different essential oils are used for different emotional and physical needs you choose from a variety of Balancing, Energizing, Uplifting, Muscular Pain, Regenerating, Immunizing, Soothing and Anti-Stress oils.


Anti Cellulite Massage
The anti-cellulite massage is done to reduce the look off cellulite on the body, the affected cellulite areas can see an increase in circulation and also the cellulite may get softer and fade over a period of time.

Sport Massage
The main purpose of sports massage therapy is to help alleviate the stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity. The massage will help prepare the athlete for peak performance, to drain away fatigue, to relieve swelling, to reduce muscle tension, to promote flexibility and to prevent injuries.

Shiatsu Massage
Shiatsu is an old, traditional, Japanese healing method. Shiatsu means “finger pressure.” But unlike the massages of the West, where kneading and friction is used, in shiatsu pressure and stretching is the key. It is a form of “touch communication,” and is a safe and effective preventive medicine. It helps to balance a person’s energy flow.


Meditation is a technique deep relaxation that helps you align your body energy together so that you can find peace of mind. Yoga and floatation (wet and dry floatation) are the most two famous techniques of meditation.

Dry Floatation
The Dry Floatation Concerto Unit is a flexible, water-filled couch that massages the body while floating it. The body experiences the sensation of floating and becomes very light. Weightlessness spreads slowly throughout the body. Surrounded by relaxing warmth, a primordial feeling of security frees the body and mind. Soft sounds reach the ears, and harmonious vibrations are perceived with all the senses. Physical afflictions and everyday worries seem to melt away. The Concerto well-being module completes the wellness experience: music pampers the ears while sound waves massage the body. All the water contained in the bed is vibrated gently so that the sound waves can be heard and felt. Additional speakers are not necessary as the tub itself is a loudspeaker. A heavenly feeling. Like an experienced therapist, the Dry Floatation Concerto massages from the thighs to the neck. Temperature-regulated water jets are expelled against the underside of the bed surface, releasing muscle tension. In this way, the guest experiences the healing power of water without getting wet.


Body scrubs
Body scrubs begins with sitting in the steam room for 10 mins. for the skin pores to open and the toxins to get out of the body through sweat. Your body is then drenched with the warm ingredients in the wrap of your choice. You relax in your cocoon for half an hour with an optional floatation session. After that you get a full-body exfoliation with Moroccan loufah to slough away dead skin while the product is washed away. Among the natural products used in body scrubs are coffee, coconut and Moroccan mud.

Hand & Foot Dead Sea Salt Glow
Hands and Feet are wrapped in a mix of Safaga Sea Salt with olive oil & aromatic oil for 15 mins then they are scrubbed to remove dead cells and leave the hands and feet smooth and healthy.

Face Mask
Your face is first washed by Moroccan soap then treated with your choice of either a mix of honey and yogurt or fruit extracts depending on your skin type.

TFAL Hair Treatment
Tfal is a natural product from morocco that nurtures the hair so it looks healthy and silky.

Water Therapy

Solaris SPA depends heavily on water, you can use the sauna or the steam room to detoxify your skin, dip into the Jacuzzi to stimulate your blood circulation, or enjoy the Vichy Shower which originated in France and consists of a wet treatment table and six head shower system. Imagine lying down and having warm water massage you like rain falling from the sky!

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