Swimming Pool

An attractively designed swimming pool serves as the main meeting point for our members within which mingling, chatting, sun-bathing and splashing into the water. The landscape architecture provides a chance to enjoy the Solaris sun and clear sky with all measures taken to ensure maximum privacy, comfort and safety. Female life guards, pool attendants to make sure you are having the best of time ever. Other facilities like constant supply of clean towels and well equipped locker rooms with massage showers set new standards of hospitality.


Enjoy the Solaris sun while sipping your favorite coffee blend or fresh juice, accompanied by an irresistible treat. You can choose from a variety of healthy fresh dishes with calculated calories or once in a while let go with one of our sinful dishes.

Pool Bar
An Island inside the spacious pool that moves you to the Caribbean in split seconds, sitting behind its water curtain and tasting delicious fresh juices and cocktails, you feel that you're miles away from Cairo.

Reading Corner

Haven’t read for long? Miss your novels? Have your favorite books been left unread, next to your bed? Now its only you alongside your favorite book or online through our wireless internet access in Solaris' well lit, cozy and quiet reading corner right above the café. Whether you bring it along or borrow it from our book collection, our staff will make sure you get a reading experience you missed since your first story telling encounters.


A variety of small shops will be available at Solaris premises, providing you with an appealing assortment of high quality products.


Solaris appreciates your family commitments and welcomes your children to enjoy our kids’ facilities "Tholarith". While you pamper yourself, your children will enjoy an exciting and learning experience in the kids' pool, garden and indoor activity rooms. A specialized team of children mentors will be available to assist them, guide them and ensure they enjoy our premises to the fullest.

Workout Area

Solaris will help you keep in shape. We will keep you moving with exciting fitness and wellness programs, enjoying encouraging beats and professional trainers. Whatever your interest, there's something for you, whether it's drop-in sports, group exercise classes, or personalized training.

Just walk-in and use Solaris' state-of-the-art gym equipped by three treadmills, a synchro machine, two bikes, two wave machines and two Kinesis machines. All machines have a TV an LCD screen to watch your choice from TV channels available and there is a possibility or choose to hook up your mp3 player to the machines and listen to your own music while you work out. The Kinesis machine provides contemporary understated forms, fine materials and innovative technological solutions which make it invaluable for a wellness lifestyle.

The gym works with the wellness system that combines technology with the customization of a personal trainer and is recognized in any Technogym-equipped gym in the world. How? A Your personalized workout program is installed on your personal key which recognizes you, keeps track of your workouts and operates the machines for you. This is also the official training system for celebrities around the world because of its focus on retention support, exercise guidance and adherence.

And if your schedule is very tight you can use the 10-min result machine - The Power Plate. The Power Plate operates on two NASA Patented motors which generates 3D vibrations, which are then sent throughout the body to accelerate the training program. 10 minutes work out on the Power Plate is equivalent to 60 minutes in regular training. Also available is the power wrap which combines the effectiveness of the power plate with specially designed creams and wraps which are anti-cellulite and aid fat-breakage.

For those who like more interactive workouts, Solaris offers a variety of classes like Fitness, Toning, Dancing, Kick-Boxing, Pilates, Abs, stretching, Yoga and other wellness exercises. All classes will be given by internationally certified instructors.

Waiting to see you in our Gym and Classes facilities, ready for the beat of shaping up.

Solaris Spa

SPA stands for "Salus Per Aquam” which is a Latin word that means healing through water. Anciently it was believed and recent science is now confirming that water has different healing effects and is used in cell regeneration because it is the main component of our cells. On a personal level you have to drink at least one liter of water daily so that you can look healthy, beautiful and young.

Solaris Spa is ready with state-of-the-art relaxation equipment and a well trained team. It is specially arranged to address the needs of each and every part of your body. With its various services, natural array of treatments, wide range of scents to choose from and high attention to details, Solaris Spa team of professionals shall provide you with a relaxing experience targeted to unload your mind and free your spirit.

Click here to know more information about the services offered by Solaris Spa.


Have a quick stop at Solaris hairdresser facility, our professional team will warmly receive you, serve you with a smile and make sure you get the results you wish for. A quick brush, a complete wax job, new cut, new color, manicure and pedicure can now easily fit into your everyday routine.

Facial Care

Solaris facial care facility and highly-trained operators shall take care of every trait of your face, while you are enjoying relaxing music and smelling our calming scents. Our professional team will make sure you smile when you look in the mirror.